Certain services are best dealt with in clinics set aside from normal surgeries.

We offer the following:

Asthma & COPD ClinicANP Nicola Taylor
Diabetic ClinicPractice Nurses
Carers AssessmentsHealth Care Assistants
CHD Clinic Health Care Assistants
Minor IllnessPractice Nurses
Antenatal ClinicGPs and Midwife
Anticoagulation (DOAC/INR)Practice Nurses
Child Health SurveillanceGPs and Health Visitors
Childhood ImmunisationsTuesday Afternoons
Travel VaccinationsPractice Nurses
New Patient ChecksHealth Care Assistants
Cytology ClinicPractice Nurses
Minor Injury ServiceGPs and Nurses
Minor SurgeryDr Hassani and Dr Rajput
Assessment of Skin LesionsDr Hassani and Dr Rajput (Dermoscopy)
Contraceptive ImplantsDr Ranbir Rajput
ContraceptionPractice nurses, ANPs and Drs.