Physical Activity and Breast Cancer

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Date:21st May 2024

We are excited to invite you to an upcoming event that we believe will be both informative and inspiring.

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Topic: Physical Activity and Breast Cancer:

Time: 19:30 – 20:30

Location: Zoom

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Event Description:

Did you know that exercise can play a significant role in reducing the risk of breast cancer, easing treatment-related side effects, and lowering the risk of recurrence? To delve deeper into this critical topic, The Hub+ Derbyshire is hosting an evening with national experts in Physical Activity and Breast Cancer. This event aims to provide attendees with valuable insights into the evidence surrounding exercise and its impact on breast cancer, equip them with knowledge on how to communicate effectively about exercise with patients, friends, and colleagues, and to share inspiring patient journeys.

Speakers The Hub+ Derbyshire is joined by Dr Liz O’Riordan ‘Breast Surgeon with Breast Cancer and Mel Berry Co-founder of Her Spirt , for more details please see attached the PDF poster